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Eifler Theater

From music concerts, plays, films, lectures, business presentations, and weddings the Eifler Theater is the perfect venue! This unique space is a beautifully restored vintage proscenium theatre with plush fixed seating for 496 guests, two dressing rooms and modern lighting and sound systems.

Facility Highlights

House with 486 permanent chairs plus 10 spaces that will accommodate wheelchairs

Ticket office and restrooms in vestibule

Proscenium stage approximately 56 x 28 with maple floor

Backstage area approximately 56 x 40 with maple floor

Dressing rooms on lower level with access from backstage

Technical Control Booth with lighting controls

16-channel sound system

Stage Curtains

 Maroon grand drape with teaser,

15′ black velour set of legs on 17′ track, 6′ behind grand drape

15′ black velour set of legs that travel to center stage, and teaser, 10′ behind grand drape

Full black velour traveler and teaser, 18′ behind grand drape

Please contact Ann Drury at or 502-896-8480 for additional information on rates, schedule a visit or to make reservations.